Artopoxy is an ever expanding brand with several braches all over the world producing only the best resins with high bio-contents. Our goal is to be the principal resin producing company by consistently delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that customers trust to build and beautify their products and surroundings.
Our ecopoxy production systems are well equipped with only the best selections of organic resin and a state of the art processing and packaging methods that leaves us highly confident that we can definitely meet all your dire maintenance, construction or wood surface finishing needs.
We continually seek a forward momentum in the betterment of our products and services. We are definitely your No. 1 go-to company for all your epoxy needs.


Unwavering quality

Quality and uniqueness are the criteria needed to stand out in an ever evolving world and constantly demanding industry. We continually strive to produce only the best adhesive products capable of standing the test of time and attaining uttermost customer satisfaction. We select only the finest and non-toxic raw materials to be incorporated in the production of our unique brands.


This is a core value our work ethics and organizational culture are intricately woven around. Integrity is held in high esteem from the highest ranking staff to the newest employee in our company. We hope to continually stand by this age long ideology and relentlessly serve our distinguished customers to the best of our capabilities.

100% Eco-friendly

Our dedication to the preservation and sustenance of the natural environment is unmatched. Organic substances make up a high composition of all our epoxy products which makes them readily bio-degradable when spillage into the environment occurs or when being discarded. When you use our products, your safety and that of the environment is 100% guaranteed.

Team work

Through our various stratified teams of experts working tirelessly in unison, we have been able to overcome daunting challenges and provide lasting solutions to our various customer’s problems all over the world. We have amassed a mountain of knowledge and experience over the years through a collage of various intelligent and expert personnel’s who are well grounded in their respective fields of study. Our elite work force have the necessary expertise and technical know-how that you can depend on to deliver the best quality you deserve.